Adding PartPay to Shopify

To configure a Shopify site with PartPay as a payment gateway requires admin access to the Shopify account to follow these instructions


Assuming that a merchant ID and API Token had been provided, please follow these instructions:


  1. Go to the URL:
  2. That should navigate to the Shopify admin page where login is required (if not already authenticated) and subsequently be presented with the option to install PartPay as a payment provider:
  3. Click “Install payment provider”
  4. PartPay will appear on the list of Alternative payment methods:
  5. Select ‘PartPay’ from the list
  6. Enter the “Merchant ID” and “API Token” provided by PartPay:
  7. Click “Save”


The PartPay payment method should now be available to customers on the site’s checkout payment method page.

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09 489 8144