Adding PartPay to Woocommerce

Download File partpay-woocommerce-v62

To configure a WooCommerce site with PartPay as a payment method requires admin access to the WordPress account to follow these instructions


Assuming that a Client ID and Client Secret had been provided, please follow these instructions:
  1. Log into WordPress as admin
  2. Navigate to Plugins => Add New
  3. Click on Upload Plugin
  4. Download the .zip file (here) and then click ‘Choose file’ on WordPress – choose the file
  5. Click Install Now
  6. Click Activate
  7. Navigate to WooCommerce => Settings
  8. Click on the Payment tab, then select PartPay
  9. Select Test Mode => Production
  10. Input the Client ID, Client Secret and Widget Reference provided in the email
  11. You can toggle the calculator widget for the Product Page on and off
  12. Click Save changes
  13. PartPay should now be set up as a payment method


Order Status on WooCommerce

When customers choose PartPay as the payment method at checkout, there are several different statuses that the order could go through:
  1. Once the customer gets redirected to the PartPay checkout site, the Order status will become ‘Pending Payment’
  2. Once the order is successfully paid via PartPay, the Order Status will be become ‘Processing’
  3. If the customer exits from the PartPay checkout site partially through the process, the Order Status will become ‘Cancelled’


‘Pending Payment’ –

Each PartPay checkout session will have a timeout period of 1 hour. If the order was in the ‘Pending Payment’ status for more than an hour, it will automatically get marked as ‘Cancelled’ and the customer will need to start a new checkout session.


‘On hold’ –

Depending on the version of the PartPay plugin, you may see that the Order Status would become ‘On hold’. This happens when the Order Status was initially ‘Pending Payment’ but the customer has not completed the PartPay checkout process after 15mins – the Order Status will then become ‘On hold’. The system rechecks the status every 15mins within the hour, but once an hour has elapsed, the Order Status will become ‘Cancelled’.

On other versions of the plugin, the status will remain as ‘Pending Payment’ instead of changing to ‘On hold’.

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