Case Study

Moda Bella Shoes

We recently spoke to Jo and Julie from Moda Bella, a chain of premium shoe stores in Christchurch offering PartPay In-Store.

Firstly, tell us a bit about your business Moda Bella?

Moda Bella is an owner/operated business and we only have stores in Christchurch. We sell middle to higher end products. We have quite a number of brands that are from Europe.

What drove you to sign up to accept PartPay in your 5 Moda Bella Stores?

We had been interested in signing up with one of these type of payment systems, and due to the fact that it integrates well with our POS system we thought that PartPay was the best for us. It also looked simple to use and to set up.

We had been asked at the stores if we had one of these systems, and you always need to be looking at more ways to increase your cash flow.

What has your Customer feedback been so far around PartPay?

PartPay is fantastic, people find it simple to use. It is quick and credit can be given instantly. It means that they can wear the product that they want straight away. People seem happy that this service is available and I think at times they may spend more than what they initially intended to.

How has PartPay’s instalment payment offering impacted your business so far? What would you say are the key benefits for your Retail stores?

Customers like to receive the product straight away, and it has reduced our traditional lay-by sales. This means it is better for our cash flow as the shoes are gone out the door, and the customer doesn’t change their mind or cancel it.

It is better for selling higher priced products, and proving easy to use for our staff and customers. Customers can also use it on sale items, where as normal lay-by we don’t allow it on sale items.

And lastly, our staff are using it which means they can wear the current shoes in the store, which in turn is better advertising of our product as the staff are wearing styles currently in store. This is also helping with sales.

How are your Customers finding the process of using PartPay to pay for their shoes?

So easy and fast! We have even had some return PartPay customers using it again even though we havnt had it live for very long.

Since launching PartPay in-store about a month ago you have seen some strong usage. What are you finding is the best way to promote it in-store?

The staff are the best voices for promotion. We find staff incentives work well when it comes to making this work in store. They are the best “sellers” of the product. Also the signage is professional and stands out and it is simple.

We have found all the dealings with PartPay very professionally managed. The staff that we have dealt with have been great. Nothing seems to be a problem if help has been needed, and we value this great customer service.

Why work with PartPay?

We are a New Zealand owned and operated business, made up of a team experienced in consumer finance, technology, customer service and marketing. We are deeply passionate about delivering more transparent and customer-centric finance products to make life better for both our Merchant partners and their Customers.

Market leading ID and Credit Validation

We take Identity validation very seriously, are one of the only providers who use an NZ Drivers License and real-time Credit Check as part of our Onboarding process.  The process is still completed in minutes, but this rigour plus our proprietary decisioning logic supports prudent lending decisions so Customers are in the best position to make their repayments.

Lowest Default Fees

Further to the above, our model is based on Consumers paying their instalments on time and as part of our commitment to this we have the lowest default fees in the New Zealand market, and cap our maximum default fees when many others don’t.

In house development team with global reach

All our technology development is managed in-house and with our Platform being used across global markets including the US and South Africa we will continue to evolve our technology and release new products and services to add more value.

PartPay Limited, Level 3, 33-45 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland.

09 489 8144